First thoughts about the female character look

I watched the latest developer info from Daniel Dolui himself.

He showed us in the second half of the video, how the female characters seem to look like in on the release?!

My first thoughts as always:

Graphics/models look amazing.

But then i took a more detailed look on it.
That female character has some really weird proportions.

My paint work might not be 100% correct or pixel-perfect, but it shows the latest and finished? proportions we will face on the release.

Note: As noted in the picture... you might have to click the middle-option: show full resolution.

What do you think guys and girls? Does it look right? Is it just me?^^

Shouldn't it be more like 45/55 or even 50/50 ?



Why do the breasts have to be so big? It may fit when the whole body ratio wouldn't be so bad, but for now, i think it is a bit too much.
At least in the picture the breasts are like 30% bigger than the head.

Feel free to discuss my concerns^^

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Created: 3 years, 5 months ago

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Video game design rule number 1: Boobs... are NEVER too BIG! :)

Created: 3 years, 3 months ago

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