How to use Greater Abyssal Tears to great effect

Hi folks,

Just thought I'd share a little project I'm working on. It involves turning two legacy 60% crit dmg rings with crappy stats (for my melee char) into two solid legacy melee rings.

Here's the rings I started with:

First step is to put an Eternal Alexandrite into the rings.
Second step, hit each ring with a Greater Abbysal Tear (GAT).
CAREFULLY Rinse and repeat these two steps until all the undesired mods are stripped off the rings.
*If you forget to put an Alexandrite gem into the ring before using the GAT, you'll probably lose your legacy crit stat!

These are my cleaned-up rings, after all the bad affixes were rolled off:

Only reason I kept the life and rage generation on hit was because I wanted these affixes, could easily have stripped those off.

Now for the hard part: slamming on new stats with Greater Erebian Tears that you actually want. I've yet to figure out if I should use gems to influence my GET slams or not, but either way the process is:
1) slam on a stat, if it's bad, roll the ring back to a clean state, using Alexandrite gems and GATs.
2) if it's a good slam, keep slamming.

You'll reach a point where you have 3 or 4 good rolls before you need to make the tougher choice of trying to clean off 1 bad stat or keeping it to preserve the other 3 or 4 good stats.

Ran out of GATs mid-project so I'll update post the final product once my rings are finished up. ^.^


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Here's the final product on my 2 rings (for now).

I ended up slamming the first 4 affixes using Eternal Copperstone influence. Probably should have used Rubies instead to get Rend Leech rather than Phys Leech. And for the final affix on each ring, I tried to slam on max rage using a genesis stone, but got other Sarisel affixes instead... boo!

Still, these rings are pretty tight compared to what they started out as. I may do it all over again to get max rage on there once I have more GATs, but I'm pretty stoked with the outcome regardless.


Created: 4 years, 4 months ago

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