Non-sense and racist logic Moderator in Official Discord: Wolcen - Spanish Lang/Site

I want to report several cases of abuse of power by this moderator against Latin American players

Latin Americans Players have always received strong insults and racist harassment from Spanish Europeans. And this moderator is not the exception... he ban without reason only Latin American players... those who speak their language and break the rules are not penalized

Moderator: nemure #4034 (Lang: Spanish of Spain)

Reason of wave bans: Write in spanish of latin america...

1- He is perma- banning people who speak Spanish of Latin America, becouse he talk Spanish of Spain ...
2 - He has removed and edit most of the comments from the people he has banned, so that we have no way to defend ourselves
3 - Also justifies himself by saying that we cannot oppose the senseless bans he is making. .

He saying: im not ban him, i kick him... ( but im perma banned for write in latin spanish....)

I ask that they remove that person from office and send someone who is not racist and unfair to others.

" we need fair and responsive moderator to help us solve game problems without using other means or other languages"

Sorry for my Eng jeje. just i need help me to help to others players. have good w/end there :3

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Created: 4 years, 4 months ago

Category: Community

Is this really the optimal place for this? Showcase...

Created: 4 years, 4 months ago

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