Noobie having a blast

Apologies if this is wrong forum. I couldn't really find a general section. I am having a blast. I wish I had actually played during beta. I had a beta key and played one day. Long story short I was playing a warrior got destroyed by one of the elite Svriiirs and decided maybe gaming had passed me by at my age. Funny I remember one of the Dev team asking me right after I wiped how I liked the game. At that time I was like man it's hard. Now fast forward to a covid lockdown and I am.

Going back to hard I see a lot of the Meta builds blasting through stuff. As I am learning the mobs telegraphs (kind of like Mike Tyson's punch out) I am getting better. I guess I needed to get good. The beauty of this game is that it doesn't hold your hand. I like that.

Anyhow having a blast. I am currently 75, basically soloing self found for the most part except carrying a few of my buddies as they progress. I normally try to copy builds etc. This game is so immense I decided to just take the gear RNGesus gives my warrior and work around what I get and work my way up in power. I just recently passed 130 and I am happy with my progress. I actually know more about my build when I break things and how to fix because its all me. Eventually I will take a look at some of the meta play but since my best weapon is a two hander I went that route. My Rigard's Hope didn't roll perfect and with the affix and my build I am currently playing I won't replace her for a bit.

The Wolcen team was very ambitious in this undertaking and yes there are a lot of bugs, As Conan would say, "Crom laughs at the bugs (four winds). " Anyhow thank you for reading and I thank the community for the content and help within these forums. I don't post so much, I rather lurk in the shadows,

In closing I look forward to the Dev team bringing fully to life the promise that this game offers.

Peace and be safe.

Daz, Warrior of the 75th season.

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I'm very happy for you. In my case, I played this game since launch, and despise it has many things to improve/fix, I really enjoy it.

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Got buffs. I still chipped him down. I finally got a better weapon and working my way up. I got past 147. Hopefully going to get some better items soon. I keep getting sorc gear. Maybe the game is trying to tell me something hehe.

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update I am at 178 expedition now! Probably could push more just want to stay there for a bit to gear up. I keep getting sorc gear lol.

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update I am up to 187 expedition and level 80. Still having lots of fun. I haven't been lucky on gear or crafting in awhile but I am okay where I am. Not looking to be a speed demon just give a good fight and survive!

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Update reached level 81 and attempted a wrath of sarisel to test my build. I am very stable...just don't kill very fast. Not a speed build.

Absolutely terrible, but I have no trial belt or any of the other goodies. In time it will come. I need to adjust for more dmg. I probably could have gone afk and they still wouldn't kill me. Anyhow still having fun. I am running a bastardized version of soka's stasis Knight to take in account for the gear I don't have.

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