Q: Can you drop hierophant looking armor? + Holy crusader / warrior priest / paladin fashion

Hello everybody!

I am writing because would like to ask you a question regarding item's specific look but because it is in this category, I am also mandatory posting my character's fashion. :) I was going for the Warhammer warrior priest of Sigmar look, bald, two handed hammer, monk robe and full plate but unfortunately weapons in Wolcen, especially two-handed are out of proportion, like seriously 2x out of proportion. :) So I decided to wield shield and one-handed weapon, for now it's a sword but I'm aiming for mace (hammer) if I found better one.

Q: As I am looking for full plate with robe, I want to ask you if it is possible to drop item that looks like II/III act hierophant from Brotherhood of Dawn? Although I dropped item named "hierophant" something, it isn't the same armor as those NPCs are wearing. I have finished storyline and have 46 lvl, so I would like to know if I missed that item style.
Hierophant screenshot

Warrior priest of Sigmar:

My current appearance (holy crusader):

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