Faith to humanity RESTORED.

Some of you may know my story.

(tejaw.2782 is a SCAMM)

We made a deal to buy his Trial Belt yesterday, then he didn't accept the trade (said was a bug) and when we made again a new deal he switched it for another belt.

I felt so bad...
I took 3 days off work...
For 3 days i was farming
And then this scam took all my effort.

Lost 3.3m and O 'maley. And my appetite to play.

Today Karma did its job.
I had a friend request pending.
It was a guy from Canada I never heard of. A Player here in wolcen. He told me once he was also being scammed, and that he knows how bad it feels like.

So he.. GIFTED ME a Trial Belt along with some other uniques!!! I didn't have something to give him in return. So this post is the least I can do for him. Maybe in the future if I drop something OP I will return him the favor.

There maybe lot's of scummers in this world from Governments to Gamers etc. But the most important thing is that there also good human beings ready to share their empathy and the vivid flame of their heart to others.

I Know it's just a game. But that kind act touched my heart. Doesn't matter if it was online. I was sad yesterday, today I am happy and rdy to play again.

Sorry for the big essay. It's just a small thanks to a big heart I met in a game called Wolcen.

(I will not mention his name to protect him from spam.)

Good luck fellows.
May the force be with us all and ignite the light in our hearts. (Even to scummers Heart.)

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Created: 2 years, 11 months ago

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I'm pleased for you! But you're just one he rip off and the only thing that should be fair is her acount suspended...
I think the guy is selling item on other forum, maybe my bow could even worth more than this trial, i don't realy know...
Just hope i'll have another lucky drop in at least the next 100 hours to forget this. We all know RNG^^

As same time i understand that wolcen team have far more work for this game than playing cops with some retarded guys like this tejaw.

Created: 2 years, 11 months ago

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