A questions to Developers

1.Can I ask why you made that cooldown on bleeding edge, so it became useless?

  1. why dont you fix whats actual wrong with skill damage instead of breaking the skills? The real issue is the passive tree, not the skills, and have been this since launce.

  2. Why dont you boost minion damage wich have been asked alot. Boosting there hp dosnt make them kill better. They cant kill the red bosses in the game.

  3. Why havent we seen a boost to all other skills yet, 90% of all skills underperform, the worst is all ranger skills, none of them are endgame potential.

  4. Why add more tiers unique items before the game is ballanced and more skills are usefull in endgame. As said before the hole issue in the game is the passive tree, That is what need work. regarding skills, they need to be ballanced so they are equal to each other damage wise. And remove bleeding edge cooldown increase and fix the overpowered in passive tree instead. I think you make the changes the wrong places, instead of fixing it at its core.

I really want this game to be great, but as long as its fixed the wrong way I dont see a future in it. Thing just gets broken instead of fixed, I dont get it.

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Created: 3 years, 9 months ago

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Hi John,

I wanted you to know that there is no cooldown on Bleeding Edge (unless you take the skill modifier "Unstoppable Momentum"). It is definitely not worthless (and is if anything: still overpowered).

As for the rest of the skills needing balancing, especially the passive tree (Gate of Fates): that sounds dead on. I think that a large part of the problem with the passive tree is that a lot of the "archer" nodes like Hungry Stalactite simply don't work, which messes with the overall damage that a lot of the archer-type projectile skills are supposed to do. Another problem with balance is that some nodes are multiplicative to damage (which are way more powerful), while others are additive to damage. It doesn't help that they are not described/worded well enough to give that impression.

As for the unique item tiers, they may have already had it mostly finished, so it was easier to push those out more quickly (especially since the level 60 tier accessories were the last ones that needed to be finished).

Created: 3 years, 9 months ago


Frat is correct, bleeding edge only has a CD if you chose Unstoppable Momentum.
In fact, Bleeding Edge is still playable and fairly viable, it is just not the power house it used to be. :)

We are working towards balancing the game on a daily basis, it will take some time, as we can't really change all the spells/nodes at once.
There are a lot of builds that are viable at the moment, you can also have fun with some builds that are maybe not viable enough to push high expedition (170+) but are still fun to play.

A lot of changes and balancing is still going to be pushed in the future, while keeping in mind what the players want/think about the current state of the game! :)

Created: 3 years, 8 months ago

Bleeding Edge with Cooldown Modifikator and plus bigger Axe ist one of the best Options dir bleeding Edge of you Play with mobdful strategy or tactic ans usw the Willpower Rage Combo top. May IT cozld geht +500% Note Damage onto that Modifikator. Thanks you.

Created: 3 years, 7 months ago

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