Act I, Mage gameplay

Hi guys, just a few suggestions. I'm new to Wolcen, now Mage lvl 18, playing Act I, finished Necropolis and the game is way to easy. Even boss fights are not challenging. I think maybe 5 or 6 first levels could be easy for a new player to learn the game, however later I'd love to struggle a little to finish the act :) Now I just simply kill enemies in a one shot. It affects the first experience of the game.
The other thing is Aether Jump. If I put mouse cursor too far away, it doesn't work at all, what is a little confusing. I assume that the Aether Jump works on a particular distance. I think it would be better for the gameplay if the Aether Jump works even if the mouse cursor is too far, however the character teleports as far as the skill allows in a direction pointed with the mouse.
I have to say, that me and my friends are overwhelmed with the music, graphics, story, gameplay. Even if the game still needs polishing, we all say that the Diablo 3 can hide. We keep our fingers crossed for Wolcen to be 2020 hack'n'slash game of the year.

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Created: 4 years, 8 months ago

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Thank you for your feedback and for these kind words VforW. The game has been made a bit more easy for Act I because we want players to access the "endgame" content without struggling too much. For the release, 2 difficulties will be available: one story mode which will be equivalent of what you experienced here, and one harder for the kind of experience you'd like to have during the campaign.

I've also shared your feedback about Aether Jump, it's not the first one we received about this and we would like the spell to work that way too, so we're going to see if it's possible to make it work that way :)

Created: 4 years, 8 months ago

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