Avenger autoturret : Skill modifiers problem

I really like the avenger autoturret skill. I like to use it with the "Flak launcher" skill modifier. I tried to pair it with "Twin repeater" thinking it would increase the attack speed (like it does with normal firing mode), but it looks like it doesn't do anything.
The skill modifier states

Twin repeater :
Turret gain an additional cannon, increasing it's damage

  1. (Flak launcher off) The attack speed increase pretty clearly (increasing overall damage). Which seems accurate to me and i think it's what Twin repeater is supposed to do.
  2. (Flak launcher on) I've tried with an without twin repeater. The damage dealt seems the same to me, and I've noticed no change to attack speed.

To be clear, i think that "Twin repeater" doesn't work if paired with "Flak launcher".

Suggestion :
I assume "Twin repeater" is supposed to increase the attack speed of the skill. If paired with "Flak launcher", I would suggest that instead of making both cannon firing alternatively, both of them fires at the same time without the attack speed bonus. It would still fulfill the skill modifier purpose (increasing damage) but it would give the combo "Flak launcher" + "Twin repeater" a nice feeling of burst.

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Created: 2 years, 6 months ago

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