please update the dash: instead of dashing only with swords. make it dash WITH SHIELDS too if you use a gun. [GUN + SHIELD weapon configuration]

i have a character that uses shield and gun. this character is pretty much a melee and at the same time semi ranged because of the short range of the shield + gun combo.

dash (you know that thing that you can toggle on and off in the UI) becomes totally useless for me coz im ranged. it would be more useful for me to have the dash be connected with the shield so i can CLOSE THE GAP like a melee. shield + gun combo is basically a shotgunner.. so i hope you get my point. plus i dump points on toughness so closing the gap WITH DASH really make sense.

AND ALSO since, i am using this shield and gun.. i hope there is a way to switch atleast 1 skill to use willpower instead on rage. so that i have the freedom to make this shield + gun combo possible and not clunky. maybe add to the SKILL MODIFIER UI something at the bottom to allow 1 skill (any skill) to be CONVERTED TO USE WILLPOWER if it is a rage using skill or vice versa.

this is so i can use the gun + shield combo without feeling the need to drop my shield for a talisman.. please i hope you get my point. i think this weapon configuration is amazing.. and the rage/willpower management doesnt make the shield + gun combo smooth to play.

PLEASE THINK ABOUT MY SUGGESTION. it is very epic. but seriously, please do think about it.

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Created: 1 year, 9 months ago

Category: Feedback & Suggestions

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