Ice lance damage balance

I've been playing a lightning and ice mage toon, and I was a bit confused as the the role ice lance is supposed to play. Tear of ethelial is clearly supposed to be a high damage AOE nuke with the drawbacks being delayed damage with a cooldown, while lightning bolt is spammable consistent AOE DPS. It seems like the idea for Ice lance is to be a high damage ST nuke with the drawback of delayed damage once again, but unless both damage upgrades and the hit-streak damage upgrade are taken, it seems to lose out in single target damage to simply using fireball with the lightning upgrade, which not only is spammable but is AOE (based on tooltip damage.) I very much enjoy the Ice lance skill, but I think making 3 upgrades mandatory to compete with base fireball damage with no upgrades isn't quite what you guys were aiming for.

[Edit] On a related note, it would also be nice to be able to see how many stacks of the damage buff you have when the hit-streak upgrade is equipped to the skill.

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Thank you for your feedback! Everything is going to change at the release with all the new skills, items, passive points and levels. I've shared your feeling with the team, though, so they can be aware of that issue during the balancing process.

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Arctic Spear is the boss killer spell for cool down reduction builds. It has the unique trait of not being affected from spell casting speed because it has a 0.3 second hidden cool down. In exchange it has zero casting animation time thus as I stated before, spell casting speed has no effect on it.

It is used for high ferocity Ranger/Assassin builds to kill slow moving elites/bosses and it is second to none in that department.

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Created: 4 years, 6 months ago

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