I will start just by saying my mage is lvl 81, i finished 187lvl rift and i played game enough to have legit opinion.

We need option to see all of the status applied on everything that is not trash mob so blue/yellow/orange with numbers.

  1. Make sure that passive like Purifiers will / Branded Burst can't be affected by self inflicted dot dmg.

  2. Bulwark of dawn has a issue of dmg. It should be changed the way it scale. As of right now you can make it legit dps skill just by increasing tick rate but problem is that if you want this skill to apply weaknes to activate Fatal Pact it becomes impossible unless you attack many mobs. Only solution to get weakness stacks is solarfall.

  3. Items with elemental dmg are very rare. Current issue with power balance is that elemental spell have dmg but don't have items that support it and Occult dmg have items that support it but dmg is so low that you are forced to take Occult Affliction which makes it strong. Changes that should be done is improving occult dmg base spell dmg and nerfing or removing Occult Affliction.

  4. God mode. What is this bs with block chance that people finish highest rift with 0 dmg taken? This is a game and you should have risk of dying so hard cap of 75% on block chance and block efficiency should be done. People have high res/dodge/hp so even after nerf it will not be a strong problem.

  5. Making sure that 2h mele weapons scale way better with dmg that one hand. This is ridiculus that you have bleeding edge and people that use shield have it all op dmg and survivality. There should be hard mod applied to all shield -15% max dps. It's a trade you get tanky but you deal less dps.

  6. Living mortis should be reworked. At high lvl even tanky version die like trash mob.
    a) When you chose dark/lightning option you already sacrefice 3 points so hp of all of them should be the same and all hp increase nodes should be removed and replaced with other bonuses.
    b) Taunt of tanky living mortis is useless at high lvl it can be somehow ok at lvl 130 when you need to make sure you don't deal to much dps. What should happen is skill cooldown should be INCREASED but when you use taunt skill then mobs are FORCED to attack summon for 3 sec.
    c) shadow should have option of casting winter grasp on on landing when jumping (+1 sec cooldown to winter grasp)
    d) lightning shoud have removed that protection thing which is useless and replaced with thundrestrike. Where when activated summon will keep casting it but will not move. (+0.5 sec cooldwon to thunderstrike)
    e) only tanky summon should have buid in Generational grief so you chose between dmg summon, curse or protection summon

  7. Plague burst duration should be increased 10>13 seconds.

  8. Anihilation. Remove node Toxic entropy and replace it with node that allows you to use aether jump without a stoping a beam but increases aether jump cooldown by 0.5 second

  9. Light bringer should be changed from jumping skill to skill to aoe around character that leave trail behind for 2 sec and increase your movement. With node that allow you pass thru enemies without geting blocked. Charge should be changet to buff that increase dmg/movement speed and Across the cosmos passive should be changed to Frost.

  10. Apocalipse form. We know that you fixed aspect of war one hit wonder but still dps of all aspect should be 3x to what it is now to be considered usefull.

  11. Bladestorm dmg slightly increased. This skill is like annihilation. If you have skill which makes you can't use other skills then it should be strong.

  12. Adding/ changing gem that can give flat evasion.

  13. When i press alt and move cursor on item on ground i want to see item stats. Often my bag is full and throwing out items to check stats of other items is pain in the ass.

  14. Untainted should change map to have one of final act boss encounters.

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Created: 3 years, 6 months ago

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