Noob question about Ailments

Hi all,

I just don't get ailments...
So I have 25 max ailment stacks. My char is bleeding edge/anomaly/tear of Etheliel and stuff,
I want to get the freeze ailment but it never shows on the bar getting it. I get Bleed, Toxic, Weakness, Curse and Aether. Mostly I have 4 stacks and from time to time Weakness comes as well...
But I don't know how i get those?
Bleed = bleeding Edge and using a weapon with ruby and + rend to attacks = clear to me that will pop bleed alot
Toxic = Plagueburst = toxic skill with toxic gem in weapon and + poison to attacks = clear to me that will pop toxic alot
Aether/stasis = Aether jump = aether damage + aether damage to spells from catalyst = i guess that will pop stasis when I jump? or does it also work with bleeding edge skill because I don't jump when in combat?
Curse = pops up like crazy, but i don't have a shadow/curse skill on the bar? how come it does pop? I Do have a lot of + shadow dmg to spells in items though... is that enough than? So when I cast Anomaly the +shadow to spells from my catalyst adds to that and can trigger curse? So what is the purpose in that case of the Anomaly being Aether damage??? Very confusing to me....
Tear of Etheliel = frost damage and +to frost dmg to spells in rings alot... but no Freeze ailment like ever? I give up....

Enlighten me someone plz?
Thanks alot....

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freeze ailment doeasnt have stacks, so thats why u dont see stacks, u only have a chance for freeze with each skills and u can read it on the skill description
either u freeze or not, no stacks

if u want to apply aether and curse with anomaly then u need in passives Grevious Aflictions, maybe right now u only can apply 1 ailment and curse has more dmg than aether

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Created: 2 years ago

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