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Caltrops : AOE rend damage and snare.
Cleave - Something left to right that satisfies the need for a good "cutting" skill. Can get all kinds of creative with this, either in some variation of Slayers Flurry but with wide arcing slashes, or for gameplay purposes make it something more single target focused with animations of hacking axes.
Elemental Summons: Some type of fire Ifrit, or minion. Water minions, etc. Could be permanent pets that are elemental, or more like static spells like D2's Fire Hydra spell.

Curse of XYZ - ties monsters health together such that damage to one is split between all in the effected area.
Voodoo Doll - summon a doll and attach it to a monster or boss - damage dealt to the doll is directed to the target it is linked by.

"Wall" type spells. aka Firewall, Icewall, (For Occult could be called "curtains" of XYZ....

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I like the suggestions, especially the skill idea. Bringing in some skills which really mix up the gameplay style and allow for more build diversity is always nice in my book.

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If u like to add something take a look in this threads.


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You can add your Suggestions or whole threads there.

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