When "balancing" - do yourself a favour and ask yourself what you actually destroy...

Whenever you start nerfing skills, always ask what kind of roles they fulfill.
Its like a constant up and down whether my build is playable or not. And i am not into it setting up anther char as the variety of builds is not large enough to bait me into another char.

For some reasons, in the last few months my only sustain, bulwark of dawn, got nerfed into the ground. What do you expect me to do now?
First question: What is bulwark providing: sustain
Second question: Any alternatives? No
Third question: Build that rely on Bulwark are still feasible to play without or in the nerfed way? No.

So, why the heck do you kill the skill and thus builds that rely on it?

I was one of the few guys that acutally went straight hybrid with infinity blades and wrath of bäapeth (yepp, i was masochistic). I erspecially went hybrid because i could make use of a relatively good sustain + a few spells (although it condensed into the the curse aura with corpse explosions). The skill got nerfed into the ground and thus the build is no longer playable. I die within seconds as no healing is incoming. Fullstop!
If you actually kill a skill, give an alternative. Sometimes i think you want your game dead. I wont lay hand on this game anymore until you provide alternatives or at least allow ppl to play with what they got. Its a realy stupid idea to kill the last possibility and leaving ppl without any alternative.

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Created: 2 years, 8 months ago

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The fact that they have stopped posting even patch notes on their own forums shows how much fuck they give about feedback. (Spoiler alert: not a single one)

Created: 2 years, 8 months ago

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