Why I am going to stop playing Wolcen

Wolcen is a great game with great promise. The campaign had a great storyline and characters felt real (imo, a concept almost alien to ARPGs). In the less than two weeks since it's launch, I have plunged head first into the deep end with about 125 hours of play. My main is level 73 and has not died yet. Being a hardcore player in POE, and pretty much every other ARPG, it's how I role. I rarely read guides, I don't often watch videos of other people playing because, to me, an ARPG is about making choices and seeing them through. For this reason alone, I will stop playing Wolcen.

My main was using Wrath of Baapheth (skill level 71) with stacking sacred damage/physical. Early on a friend of mine found the unique shield Quintet of Sundowns which lets you cast sacred spells. This was so exciting for me because it completely matched the idea I had for this character. Suddenly I could use Bulwark of dawn to keep myself alive while stacking Life and Resistances on my gear. My tanky character got pretty tanky. I was happy. But soon after finishing the main campaign I felt the damage of Wrath of Baapheth start to drop. After optimizing and re-optimizing runes, nothing I did could save it. By level 90 expeditions, the final bosses took me minutes to kill. This lead to optimizing and re-optimizing my skill tree. But nothing could save Wrath. So I started using different skill - none of them did much. The last one I turned to was Bleeding Edge because it simply had no thematic appeal to my build. By skill level 59 it was already massacring Wrath's damage output. I pushed to expedition 109 pretty easily with it but I wasn't happy with it. Then I grouped up with two friends and, yeah, we were all using Bleeding Edge. It felt shitty. So I caved and watched some videos: almost everyone is using Bleeding Edge. This was last night.

Though it was pretty neat that my character was simultaneously a support, a healer and a tank, the lack of viable main-attack skills (it's mostly just Bleeding Edge and Havoc Orb) currently in Wolcen has turned me off. Build restriction is why I stopped playing Diablo 3 - it just lacks depth. Wolcen is already better than that in terms of potential, but it's not there yet.

I will not be asking for a refund (I mean, people are too melodramatic about that). This is a decent game and I want it to succeed, which is why I am here writing. But, until changes are made to active skills, I will stop playing.

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this skill is bugged though, and the developers are aware and attempting a fix by the next patch. As well as with a few other broken skills. Other than that, tankiness is not tuned well in this game and we can develop much higher effective health vs incoming damage than damage output. The way damage scaling for the character works in wolcen just does not allow for speedy killing of level 150+ content.

Once "things have been fixed" you will feel like all the skills just don't do damage.

Created: 2 years, 11 months ago

which will give you the "build diversity" you are looking for**

Created: 2 years, 11 months ago

You forgot the ailments. The whole world is revolving around bleeding edge and ailments.

Created: 2 years, 11 months ago

lev 71, enjoin game too much then saying "I will not be asking for a refund"


Created: 2 years, 11 months ago

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