Winter's Grasp's Admire from Afar needs to be boosted

Admire from Afar modifer of Winter's Grasp is one of the major staples of any ranged build. However in the current build it is nerfed into oblivion:

-It costs a whopping of 3 modification points. It could very well have been a 2 point modifier.

-12 m range is too short. Many spells have much longer ranges (15 m or longer) without costing any modification points. For example Anomaly has a longer range and duration by default (albeit having a longer cool down). You have to add those to Winter's Grasp with expensive modifiers.

-It comes way too late. 29 th level is overkill.

I would suggest to swap Admire from Afar with Glacial Blast (which is too powerful for a 2 point modifier anyway). I also suggest you considering increasing its range (15 m would be nice).

Thank you for reading my suggestion.

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Created: 2 years, 6 months ago

Category: Feedback & Suggestions

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