Delete these and instead make them into 4 new skill trees

I know you are kind of committed with these forms but to be perfectly blunt they suck in their current form. I NEVER want to use mine because it does less damage than my regular abilities. This is a wasted opportunity and I think instead you should make it so when we select our aspect at the start of the game it unlocks a new "talent tree" similar to the Gate of Fates. Call it the Gate of the Ascendant or something and make it have more niche things for specific builds (kind of like Ascendancies in Path of Exile). This in my opinion makes it much more interesting and maybe some of these things on this tree are passive bonuses to your character (i.e. more freeze duration on enemies, more damage of a specific type, more dodge chance, etc.) Make it exciting but do not give us many options, maybe we unlock 1 more "Ascendant" passive every 20 levels until level 80 or something.

Something to think about, cheers.

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Created: 1 year, 3 months ago

Category: Feedback & Suggestions

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