[Experience] They still dont feel useful

Hey devs...

Its been a year sincew we were talking about the apocalyptic forms. they are still fundamentally included in the storyline and therefore in the game as well. i even feel like, while playing the campaign, they are awesome - battling with heimlock in apocalyptic forms in an one-on-one battle is great.

But the journey of this short-term-feature shouldnt end there, yet it does. i do agree...
- you improved their power scaling. your feel way more empowered, yes.
- they should still be part of the game, kicking them out shouldnt be an option
- yet, they still dont seem to solve a purpose besides the "omg i am close to death, and while in this form i cant take damage"-one

yet still, the impact they are trying to solve in higher tiers of expeditions are... well... how to put it... useless?
it would make decent sense for me...
- to charging up these powers while in the expedition and being able to transform at the end, while fighting the floor boss with high single target DPS.
- if the players could manipulate these forms in any way besides choosing from presets (as it is right now)
- to have a seperate apocalyptic form skill tree, where the player can modify his form for his build (such as cooldown, damage, bonuses for after leaving the form, duration increase for the form...) (these iterations should have been done before implenting it into the game tho, but i feel like i need to say them out loud, because you didnt really improve on it for the last year)
- the higher tier of expedition you go, the more damage increase the form gets (would be pretty dumb solution, but still better than it is right now)
- having items that support, improve, or at least modify these apocalyptic forms as a new suffix for example
- someone mentioned, that implementing a task in the endgame city would even make sense. i do agree. since the player is going for harder and harder challenges anyway, it would make sense storywise, when improving the city goes hand in hand with improving ourselves.


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True mate. Apocalyptic forms in end-game are useless. They don't help on anything beside you wrote """"""- yet, they still dont seem to solve a purpose besides the "omg i am close to death, and while in this form i cant take damage"-one""""""

But i have the solution. But i doubt a wolcen team member will read it.

What could be done ? What all players need at endgame ? Power, speed, skill boost, skill cast delay reduced, more life, more force shield.

So design:

  • AWAKEN APOCALYPTIC (easily toggled on/off by a click player choose which form he wants) -

In this awaken apocalyptic buttom toggled on we still keep in human shape and we earn while the apocalyptic bar is active some boosts. (speed, force shield, more critical chance, more damage on rend, etc, etc, etc).

Thoughts: To avoid boost everything. Create one acessory item to equip on apocalyptic form - this item will determine what will be boosted. This item will be rewarded from S ranks, expeditions complete rewards etc, end game stuff. (Example Red Soul Apocalyptic item equipment - + 7~15% more rend damage). etc etc etc.

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I tried 3 of the 4 forms, and the void reveals a little bit more useful than the others which are doing less damage than my active skills.
Almost 1 year of silence and still no improvements.

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