Crafting is completely stupid

I think in my whole life i never played such a stupid way of crafting.
More than 300 tries in a raw to get 3 Defense slot (III) on my chest that i didn't even get in the end !!!!!!
You put gems on your item in the hope you'll at least get one stat you want, but even this is completely random.
RNG is not crafting. RNG is shit.
Goodbye Wolcen.

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Created: 1 year, 11 months ago

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Well many others mentioned problems about the crafting problem.
I like the basic idea in spending gems to save or to generate specific stats.

1. There are to many options a specific gem can destroy or generate your stats
2. Its very badly designed that you - if you were lucky to get 2 desired stats - have to completely start over when you get a unwished stat

You get 3 good stats, the 4th stat is unnecessary for your build. So you want to delete it but unfortunately you remove the good stats.
Your system is INCREDIBLE luck based and time consuming because you have to farm A LOT of gems AND crafting tokens.

Building "the perfect item" is what rpg player love to do. We like to put time and effort into good items and REALIABLE ways to craft them.
But.... investing time is one thing in your game.....
Have you ever played a character from 1 to 90 by yourself? It's very, VERY time consuming. In combination with all the trouble, bugs, glitches, crashes... spending even more time to farm things is one good reason to take a break from the game.

Wolcen has so much value to become a great game. But... i lose more and more hope. More than 1 YEAR passed and so many things still need to be fixed.

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Created: 1 year, 11 months ago

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