Crafting is, well, crap.

I really dont know how you can call this crafting as it really feels more like a slot machine than anything else. Even with the new UI,

  1. not intuitive
  2. not working as intended when you try to specialize it with a gem
  3. some basic stats are too hard to get because their chances seem less weighted

Just trash it and rework it. Without a good crafting system, this game is dead in the water. I dont know how this hasnt change in Bloodtrails since NOBODY likes it. NOBODY. Why the hell wont you make QOL improvements before creating new content for the game??? It really baffles me. Someone had the suggestion to have a vendor for crafting which is not a bad idea if done right.

Let's be honest, crafting right now is like giving a chisel to a blind man expecting him to do a fraking Rodin.

PS : Oh and get rid of the damn socketing roulette which is infuriating. Make me pay 1M gold for three offensive socketgs on a weapon if you like but please, this is a waste of time.

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nice metaphors here. push.

crafting could be more fun, when having more reagencies as well. they should drop more frequently to even enable a bit of crafting possiblities. right now someone need to play 4hours a day to get some of them. as we are limited by those items dropping for crafting items, all comes down to this. iof the reagencies would drop more often, some could at least argue, that we have the chance of going for "try and error". but even that is not really possible.

you guys really have to work on this. sorry, but its a failure as is.

Created: 3 years, 2 months ago

I wouldn't call it crafting either. Nice to have a UI, but it's just a start, a base that should be built upon, I really hope that is the goal..

Some ideas to improve the current "crafting":

Entropy Orb: reroll all effects to random ones if the item has no gems socketed. If it has gem(s) socketed, all the new effects should be based on the gem(s) type and level, for example, a weapon with a Ruby should only get effects that support Material type combat, with a higher chance to get bonuses to Rend damage or Bleeding(damage, bleed chance, duration etc). -This is good if you want to specialise your items.

Ohm's Echo: replace a chosen effect on an item with a random effect. If it has gem(s), the new effect should be based on the gem(s) type and level. -This is good if you found a decent item that needs a little adjustment, but you don't have an Eribean Tear.

Eribean Tear: add a new random effect to an item. If it has gem(s), choose the new effect from a list (choices of course based on the gem(s) type and level). -This is the ultimate option, gives you full control. Maybe it should be limited to once per item, (but could be removed by Abyssal Tear.)

Abyssal Tear: remove a random effect from an item. If the item has any type of gem(s), you can choose which effect you want to remove.

Gems would be consumed in all cases, of course.

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Well we can dream...

A vendor that sells reagents and crafts items with the changes mentionned above by hellxdamage87 all tied to expeditions to process the craft and we're happy !

Created: 3 years, 2 months ago

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