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I found a few items with what appear to be broken links with the corresponding stat rolls in red. How do I fix these? I suspect w/reagents and crafting, but all of the reagents I've found say they remove or reroll stats on an item rather than making the currently rolled stat effective.

Where do you even go in the game to craft? Is it an endgame thing? If so, why do items drop for a character below level 30 this way? None of the NPCs I have available to me offer to fix a broken stat on an item.

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Those items are a new thing came with the Bloodtrail content update, and are dropped by the Prey on the end of a Hunt. These items have a special affix (Tributary Affix) that is stronger than those of regular items', but it comes with the price of a slight "weakness" (written in red). They can't be "fixed".

Crafting is a bold term.. :) Not by you, but by the devs. What you can do is modify existing items with reagents+gems. There are 4+4 type of reagents, but all have random effects/results in a way. There is no NPC releated to crafting (other than the gem/socket NPC).

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Created: 3 years, 2 months ago

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