1000 hours player. My ideas for improving Wolcen.

Yo I was siting on this doc for a week now and i hope someone of dev team read it. I have 975 hours of game time on steam and made several builds that can be seen here. https://www.youtube.com/user/prejtu/videos

I really like Wolcen and maybe I'm not most educated person on this game but played it since release and i feel confident to add my two cents.

So this is list of changes that in my view would make Wolcen better and maybe you guys find something usefull here.

Ballance of Skills.

Right now for many people there are 2 group of skills those that work in endgame and those that strugle. The problem in balancing game righ now is that some skills mainly projectile benefit from atack/spell bonus. So when you have skill like havoc orb, phantom blades or arctic spear it doesn’t matter much if you guys do +/- 10% because dps come from passive tree. Every skill should be only attack, only spell or only projectile and after that start making ballance.

Mix weapons vs 2H weapons.

Problem here is that when you mix weapons you not only got more skills to use when you mix but you can also manage your resource better. 25% more dps is nothing if you can’t spam skills like mixed weapons builds.

What i would do here is bring back value to 2h weapons or dual wielding same weapons. One way of doing that is limiting one skill to certain weapon. I know it would be hard to accept for some people but in the end it should work out better.

For example
Shield - Warpath
Bow - Deathgazer Railgun
2H mele – Anvil’s Woe
2H Staff – Aether Jump(edytowane)


  1. Sockets to Unique weapons. It’s not only problem of dmg because you can work around it in passive tree but fact that they always miss something like crit chance or leech.

  2. Reagents. Instead of having normal ones and legendary ones make a change so they work on certain item lvls like
    40-110, 110-170, 170+
    also in future it would be cool if they were removed from drop but instead we would have something like „Tower Of Shadows” from Lost Ark when you climb tower solo or with friends and for every floor you get gems or reagents.

So lvl of floor would be mob lvl 40,50,60 etc or 170,175,180

3 Add new potion that can remove ailment/ debuff stacks from you

4 Rework crafting. Some mods like dodge have chance to be crafted only when item have one stat on it so when you want to craft it you need to take yellow item remove 3 stats and then stert crafting which is ridiculous.

Passive Tree

  1. Remove Furious Appetite and frienzied blows. Playes should not be forced to picking passive point on tree. It punish mele and frienzied blows makes only problems with balance of game.

Instead make a button/star above willpower/rage and players can chose which they want to regenerate.

  1. Blessed Silver – Nerf it from 10>7 %

  2. Remove Life First Movement. It’s useless and no body use it because you spam skills in this game and no one have time to look if you keep balance. To be honest whole Dusklave tree is kind of useless and Decoy mechanic in skills or passive tree just doesn’t work in game.

  3. Add few more nodes with Occult dmg


You guys nerfed it dmg so much that they became close to useless. Almost every build that have them when reach end game becomes useless. I remember when i was doing one of my builds and farmed +2 to ailments accesory and in the end it was way worse then just flat dmg.

You have to commit to it, get gear and at the end it’s still worse.


In passive tree where you have nodes +30/-10 or +15/-5 % change it to +60/-40% and +40/-20%
Shortly increase dmg of ailments as well punishment to base dmg.

Last thing about ailments are changes to Physical/ Frost/ Aether ailments since they are useless on boss’s and many people skip them.

Physical – Should give debuff to boss that after 2sec roll a % chance to interupt boss skill
Frost - Should give debuff to boss that after 2sec roll a % chance to lower boss movement speed for 2 seconds
Aether – Should give debuff to boss that after 2sec roll a % chance to lower boss attack/casting speed for 2 seconds

So other ailments are still strong because they give you dps but if you want survivality then those also have advantage.

Bonus idea. If you get ballance of this game to good enough lvl it would be verry cool if you implement something like World of Worcraft Mythic Dungeon runs where 2 teams compete against eachother in race who kills severall boss’s faster.

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