A few Wolcen suggestions

Quality of Life and Endgame
- Inventory: add a search box
- add a dummy in hub town that calculates your total dps in 10 sec
- Sometimes we see buffs (above the health potion) and debuffs (above the mouse right-button): add a timer
- When we beat a curse chest, add a small icon with the buff gained (above the health potion), and its timer.
- When we click on a curse chest and we gain access to up to 6 different chests, give us a timer before the chests disappear.
- add a mule that follows you in end-game and carries additional loot (the mule would be very costly in terms of primordial affinity and productivity; making the mule very expensive in terms of gold (anything above 100k gold) would go contrary to the role the mule is supposed to play.)
- add pets (very costly in terms of gold, primordial affinity and productivity). Some people like me are completionists. I’m fully geared with Legendaries. I need something more to play the game. Adding pets will make me play the game.
- add some armor sets (basic 4-5 pieces blue armor set of our choice with 3 affixes of our choice we buy from Mirrormaid Ship and can be slowly upgraded (for gold, primordial affinity, productivity), from blue to yellow (now with 4 affixes), 1 star, 2 stars… 5 stars, up to legendary, each step with increasing costs (gold, primordial affinity, productivity). In the end, leveling each piece from Blue to Legendary would be very expensive (tons of gold, primordial affinity, productivity). Because we chose the affixes, these legendaries would end up being much better than random legendaries. Rinse and repeat with other pieces of the set. Get bonuses for 2-3-4 pieces.

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