Always and only meta-gaming..

Wolcen came with the promise to make hybrid chars viable. Due to the recent patch i was realy happy to try new concepts. But i failed....or shall i say the game failed me miserably? I know some builds, that use metaskils, but thats it. If you deviate from the meta-path you are stuck in leveling hell / hit a progression wall. My spell/attack build is as far from beeing able to clear maps fast enough (if at all) as possible, if i want to reach max level.

I was starting to sum up all the respective problems and set them into relation, But i simply refuse to write such a roman. Instead, a "small" summary.

The recent changes almost force you to streamline your build, which inherits a loss of flexibility and therefore item-choice. The problem is increased due to unfitting item-stats as of the streamlining process,
As a result you have to constantly experiment with new skill compositions. This was a strength of the time before the patch, now its tedious as you loose hours to conduct an experiment - if you can conduct it at all due to lacking gear. Further more, these experiments are not conducted out of curiousity but necessity and force you away from individual builds towards standard meta-builds.
That feels wrong and, with regards to the aforementioned points, artificially prolongs the leveling progress to an extent that make individual builds an annoyance.

Even though i am happy, that more nodes seem to work (although not all) and - for the first time - could enjoy the story, this patch creates so much frustration that i am inclined to say its worse than before the bloodtrails patches.

You guys dont have created a game, that offers enough variety to justify such a prolonging! Understand that! You even killed one of the main strengths of the time before bloodtrail: experimentation out of curiosity, Instead we have an boring and unrewardingly prolonged mid- and lategame, As from lvl 65 onwoards its tedious to even experiment due to lackluster gear-drops and overall increased costs!

If a build fails, it feels like you can start all over. Hello to meta and bye to creativity. Hell, most of the builds should be endgame-viable, there is simply not enough variety to allow even a single skill to be late-game-incompatible!

Well, honestly, if this isnt fixed / rebalanced in time i am inclined to say bye to Wolcen and hello agian to path of exile. I waited for 9 month for this type of rebelancing, and the time feels wasted!

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While I agree with you to a certain extent, the cost of a full reset can be farmed in like 1 or 2 expedition in late game.

There always be a meta build in a game like this because there must be a combination that is the best. Even if it is only 5% better lots of people will use it. The problem with Wolcen is that Havoc Orb/Arctic Spear hybrids are not only 5% better than pretty much everything else but this combination simply ignores the willpower/rage jiggling you're supposed to be doing. The fact that you're not allowed to use anything else other than basic attack on the left mouse button shows the devs want you to generate resource through basic attacks which is a really clunky mechanism so builds that can ignore it will thrive. If a build has ridiculous amount of damage while ignoring that clunky mechanic, it's no wonder everyone will use it.

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I agree to your points. However, i tried to discuss the issue more from the perspective of leveling (and obviously failed to stress this enough). Experiments during that phase are a costly endevour with regards to the possible income. Later, or by using a meta-build, you dont run in this problem. If not using a meta-build or not beeing in late endgame, even 1-2 expeditions are a long time. Thats my problem here.

As of meta i dont see any problems if the gap to non-meta builds is within ~5%-15%.
However, due to the generell slow paced leveling process, which got slowed even more with bloodtrails, you are more or less nudged to use meta builds. Those are fast and have proven to be late-game-capable.
And this is what annoys me most. You are either stuck in a hellish loop of lackluster gear-drops, slow leveling and in generell slow gameplay or you play meta.
The first feels like fondling bricks, the later feels like playing stolen ideas (actually it feels like cheating). Both feels bad. I dont want to start a discussion of particular mechanics and skills as there a many possible approaches to solve the issues. But wolcen atm is meta-gaming. And meta means 2 skills, which is ridicolous.

Oh, one last point: They shouldnt nerf the meta. Instead, they should make other skills / passives / mechanics stronger! By nerfing the meta, the other issues wont be solved.

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I think you missed a point here, an arpg is not meant to be cleared in a week, it should be hard/long to do everything it offer you. So yes, if it makes you clear everything in a breath, meta HAVE TO be nerf, and yes, here, artic spear and havoc orb have to be nerf, because with those skill you can clear lv187 too easily with little gear.

For the problem of making any other build, i disagree with some of your saying too. It's not worth than before bloodtrail, it's just the same. Before, you felt like you could play many spell, yeah, sure, but in the end, every build that wanted to clear 187 had the same passiv tree. That's not diversity, that's playing a meta build, and while not associated to a skill like right now, it was just associated with a passiv (immortal offering).

To be honest, right now i feel like i can do lv140+ with more build than before, changing skill i use AND passiv tree. And for me, I think I should be struggling to get past that, and progress as my skill lv up and my gear get better, I don't want to be able to rush through the content without seeing any difficulty at any point

Created: 2 years, 1 month ago

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