Arena - PVP vs PVE - The complete and easiest solution for balancing terms

Be the future Wolcen.

Mostly games on future will split pvp and pve skills/talents/gear etc.

So create one pvp oriented circle of wheel - which just affect pvp. Each point should be earned by battling more and more on area ? Pvp exp ? And make pvp exclusive oriented itens (so we would have two inv tab the main pve gear equipped and the pvp gear equipped - inside area pvp gear is displayed outside the pve gear equipped is displayed). Player start with same set but according progressing on "arena" killing mobs and players they get rewards from new pvp itens. Same for skills add a new skill tab with same eneract but with pvp oriented where they evolve by battling one with other - pvp exp ?

Pros ? This way always you change one skill, one hability, one item, one affix you won't need to worry about game balancing pve vs pvp. And this way always one ability would be hard to be implemented because it would work very nice for pve but not for pvp so this solve the problem.

Cons - Players could complain about they have a full end gear and they would like to use it for pvp. But i see this like one advantage so after player reach this point he could to start to drop pvp stuff without being the badass on gear there. This means a lot more of gameplay and no lazy and easy stuff.

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Created: 3 years ago

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