Champions of Stormfall - Early difficulty for levelling alts

  • Champion/Elite enemy health and damage is too high for alts at early level, particularly given lack of skills/gear.
  • Taking damage is too spiky, with little options to avoid damage or recover health, given potions don't recover passively.
  • Dealing damage against big health pools is a grind, especially against enemies that use abilities to disappear or move a lot (e.g. default melee skill of Anvil's Woe isn't great for enemies that move).

Suggestion: Hidden modifier for champion/elite mobs on damage, health and ability cooldown at early levels in Champions of Stormfall mode only (where quest experience doesn't exist, and champion distribution isn't static like the Campaign mode).

Level 1 elites/champions:
-75% damage/health (e.g. 1000 health -> 250 health)
+150% ability cooldown (e.g. 10 sec cooldown -> 25 sec)

L2: -70% damage/health, +140% ability cooldown

L3: -65% damage/health, +130% ability cooldown


L14: -10% damage/health, +20% ability cooldown

L15: -5% damage/health, +10% ability cooldown

16+: normal health/damage/abilities

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Created: 2 years, 11 months ago

Category: Feedback & Suggestions

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