Chronicles II - Keep chronicles I and add something else [see my suggestion]

For chronicles II allow chest hunting - so from a roll of affixes we pick 2-3 affixes we want the loot hunting from the chest drop to give us.

I pick a chest affix hunting for Material Damage affix. So this affix will be steady for those itens inside that chest treasure. Same those itens are blue/yellow/pink/red. This way
we could keep playing more than 300h to improve gears since from beginning until the end game activities. And this model would keep the original model from chronicles i source. So no copy from other model. A true original stuff.

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Same the steady affix [bonus is just one] per example a damage type affix to pick it will be great.

Because nowadays if i am a melee character i don't have interesting to drop a lot of random sacred/occult/fire/ice/aether/poison damage just material and rend. So this way we will be encouraged to run chest treasures hunts outside expedition to get stronger or to master one kind of equipment. And when we do we will back to expedition to test the new perfomance.

If you do in prey way:

1 - First prey selection:

Prey 1 - Name one item for sure will come from chest hunt:
Legs / Helm / etc. Prey will give 2 options.

Prey 2 - Pick one damage type affix for this item be marked with.
acred/occult/fire/ice/aether/poison damage etc. Prey will give 2 options.

Prey 3 - Give magic find bonus to improve chance for the treasure chest rarity.


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Created: 2 years, 1 month ago

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