[Consumables] Significant difficulty drop in Memory's Echoes

Hello everyone !

I have the impression that the difficulty of "Memory's Echoes" endgame consumables dropped significantly since the bloodtrail release.

I remember having tried the first level last year, and well, i could not even bring the boss to midlife ^^ Tons of champions adds were spawning around the boss, and it was itself very strong.

I tried the first, then the second level with another character in the Legacy league, and it feels way more easy. My build has changed and i think i am more powerfull than when i first tried, but it seems so much easier that it feels suspect ^^ There are no more champions, the boss is alone and very easy to beat, although it has lots of HP.

It feels very disappointing, i think this may not be intended because of the hugeness of the drop, and also because according to the description and the way you must gain those consumables, it is supposed to be one of the hardest thing you can do in Wolcen. Instead, it is no more difficult than a Sarisel or a high level expedition.

Please tell me if it is a real bug or if you nerfed the difficulty intentionnaly.

Thank you and have a nice day !

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Created: 2 years ago

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