Declining stats in Expedition is a very bad idea!

Hi, Wolcen Team.

Why put more and more decreasing stats when you go up in an expedition? Let's see :

1 : If I want to play a build ailment for example ( even if it's useless actually ), even by optimizing the gear and putting the majority of points in wisdom, in expedition 250, I will have maybe a 20-25% ailments chance?
If i want to play a crit build and i can get my critical damage to ~ 500 for example with 80% points in ferocity, result a 85% critical chance in town. In Expedition 250, i will have 20% critical chance maybe? So on a long loaded skill, I will have to cast it 5 times on average to be useful? It is normal to have to PRAY it will crit every time i cast that skill ?

2 : Even for theorycraft, it becomes hell. I am supposed to anticipate how much reduction I will have depending on the level of Expedition i am aiming for? NO!

3 : This mechanism reduces the possibility of viable builds, especially hybrid builds. If I'm aiming for a build that needs ailments chance and critical chance, and split points between ferocity and wisdom, so what, i will just have very low stats in both. How easy will be to get 30 stacks of bleed with 10% ailments chance? It just makes some builds unplayable with a certain amount decreased stats.

4 : This forces players to focus on just one stat if they focus to do expedition 180+, if they need critical chance, they will have to put 80-90% points in ferocity. If they need ailments chance, they will have to put the same amount in wisdom. It's frustrating and not fun.

Players should have stats they've built everywhere. The difficulty curve is easily doable without this awful mechanic! One very common and effective is to buff mobs...or nerf the ease that players have to reach certain % of stats for example.

I like the potential of Wolcen, really. And i hope you will, with time, make great game.

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Created: 2 years, 2 months ago

Category: Feedback & Suggestions

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