End Game Suggestions and Feedback

Hello. Loving the game, played about 200+ hours so far. Finished Campaign, and done 187 expeditions. My suggestions for endgame are thus:

  1. Ability to replay the Campaign Levels on progressively harder difficulties.
  2. "Endless Dungeon" Basically an arena style round map where you fight wave after wave. Rewards based on Waves cleared. Alternatively this could be a really cool, "dungeon" where the floor is an arena and once cleared the gate opens and you keep descending downward. Every few levels, we could have a mini-boss or boss encounter.

  3. Maze Level. Would be cool to have a puzzle level or a level where we have to run away from a boss chasing us while clearing through hordes of enemies. (Just a novel concept).

Misc suggestions:
Trophies or character flare. Think skulls on spikes or little trinkets we can have on our character. Warbanners, Capes, Cloaks,

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Created: 4 years, 3 months ago

Category: Feedback & Suggestions

Great post Rehk! I personally don't ever want to play the campaign over again (especially because in most games I play through it on a character of each class), but I am a big fan of options that let players play the game the way they want and teh first suggestion falls into that category. I LOVE the second idea and if I am following it correctly, it sounds a lot like what Grim Dawn does with enemy waves, but with the endless levels of Torchlight 1. As for the maze idea: I literally would never have thought of this myself, but it is a great outside-the-box idea and would be really interested to see what this might look like in terms of gameplay and rewards.

Created: 4 years, 3 months ago

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