Heading to November. Any Wolcen League news ?

Hello there wolcen studio team. Could you CM check with staff if you can share some info ? Releasing schedules. Thanks


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Let it go, play PoE or D3 like everybody else and maybe check back once a month or two to see if there's any news but I wouldn't be surprised if they had quietly gone bankrupt meanwhile.

It's a shame though, it could have been a good game.

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Wolcer owner it's not a bad manager. He would knowing how to manage all income.

D3 i'm sick of it. Tired of playing 19 season and just GR like endgame instead a hand of options like D2 had. PoE i'm not fan.

Wolcen can do a lot yet. Bosses expeditions. PvP expeditions (10 random players enter in one arena the last survivor wins - and this produces a special point to evolve to master skill - this could be a schedule event per example all saturday etc).

They could to created a special drop name Special Expedition scroll - a different layout map where purple itens has more chances to drop. Same with Legendary Expedition scroll - more chance to red itens to drop.

And for the last they could make a second wheel of fate dedicated to potions. A lot of good temporarily effects (blessing/auras) after drinking each kind of potion.

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I talked with an old contact employee from blizzard by voice in my skype about what does he thinks about Wolcen. He said they made one amazing job for a so small team. I asked if he thinks they got bankrupt he said with capittal letters BIG NO. I asked why ? He said me all games get out of funds start to sale off the game for a high discount 50-75%. And wolcen didnt hit that stage on Steam.

So in his speech he said wolcen was being developing for a small public. But with the great success it gets they are adapting the game for the trully full potential it has. How it is a small team they would take 6-10 monthes to make something solid. And he thinks they will add 2-3 more main options in opposite to expedition to allow player reach end-game - like a lot of quest line - monster line tasks in regular maps. And some potential monster modification in these maps after you take the quest / task you trigger (programming stuff) new monster spawn to complete the quest and dont feel like you already have runned there to bring new experience to player. And he thinks they will release it in april-july 2021.

He gave a lot of interesting opinions. But i hope he is wrong and we get something soon like november/december 2020.

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What huge success are you talking about? Lots of people bought the game on release then 90% of them abandoned it in the first month because it was in worse state than when it was still in early access. Then the rest of the players left as well in the next months because their patching process was ridiculous. They couldn release one hotfix per week because they had signed a contract that allowed only one. Excuse me, what the fuck? That's ridiculously unprofessional and unheard of in online gaming.

It could have been a huge success but they blew it with the rushed release of a clearly unfinished product (there were plenty stuff with lorem ipsum as description ffs). It was pretty clear that the rush was due to financial issues, they needed money and they chose the blew their debut.

Then they came up with "second dawn" which translate to "please give us a second chance to make a release, we'll not screw up again, promise". They said they'd share information about the coming patches in September. It's almost November now, their last post was the latest patch notes in August. If you want to assure your customers that everything is alright when it seems not to be then you at least make a long post explaining what's going on. They haven't even bothered to do that in the last 2 months.

I'm very sceptical about getting anything this year but I'll be happy if they prove me wrong.

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Hey folks and developer
I know its sometimes hard
The Patch is nice, okay. We have still Novemer, now.
You told us that the 4 Act - Patch will be in release end of autum. We still have Winter since a month and still nothing to hear about our lovley game.
Whats all about?
But please give us any Information about what are you doeing, please.
You may can tell us if the timeplan dont work, may with a new release date.

Give us something. As less you tell us, as less player we will become.
Nothing is very annoying. Balancing Details is fine, okay.
At leaset 2 News in a month is the minimum to hold community up in there hope and wishes.
Do something!

If don´t, give me the job! I can do write all about.All kind of little new, balancing discussion and so on. Specials about builds, abilitys, rings of fade...
alsosecret storys like about the special church 2 month before you met the maestro of ARPGs from Diablo.

Do some, or speak with one who can do it for less you think. For sure with a Confidentiality agreement and presenting New´s before posting.
english, Deutsch little basic français

I do love writing story´s, have knowledge about many ARPGs, also Wolcen and you know.. very nice ideas and gamefeatures to envolve wolcen future most bright. LIke https://wolcengame.com/forum/feedback-suggestions/environments/new-features-and-content-show-us-your-threads-community-collection/

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