Issues with Wrath of Sarisel

At first I want to say that I build my character in a very tanky way. So he doesn't do a lot of damage and I'm ok with it. But when it comes to "Wrath of Sarisel" this becomes a real problem. Let's start with the fact that the "Chosen" appear on a totally random basis, which can lead to situations where you have to fight several of them at once. I think this should not be the case as it can lead to an almost certain death. The next thing that has to be changed are the Zealots. The self healing abilities are just ridiculous. In fact they are so strong that it's simply impossible for my tank to kill them. And the last but possibly the most stupid shit (excuse me being so harsh but this is an absolute NOGO) is that those Zealots can pull you out of your Apocalyptic Form by hitting you with their dash attack.

I almost forgot: My character is level 77 and i tried a level 106 Wrath of Sarisel

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Created: 3 years, 10 months ago

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Hi Mordrakh,

The wrath of sarisel mode is, by essence, made to be done fast. This is why the Sarisel's special ennemies are appearing to chase you.

Knowing this, it seems pretty normal for a non optimized tank to not be able to solo Wrath of Sarisel. You can have a secondary, more dps based build and be able to clear Wrath of Sarisel if you want to.

That being said, it is possible with the right build to clear a level 187 wrath of Sarisel with an unkillable tank-character, it will not be as fast as glass canon, of course, but it will be easily clearable.

I understand that you would want to clear all the content with a tank character, but Wrath of Sarisel was not designed that way, as previously mentioned; it remains possible with the right gear and build. :)

Created: 3 years, 10 months ago

Still that way. The only way to clear the wrath of sarisel is with high ailments, Plagueburst and Anomalie. I am playing a Melee Dagger build. Its impossible to live through the attacks of the Zealots, the others are rare luck to survive, without any Spells and additive damage from exploding corpses.
The same equip, but spell passives and Spell Damage with plagueburst and Anomaly, you dont really need more the others are just fillers, you can clear it like its 20 lvl decreased.
As a melee build the normal 187 levels are doable, even the boss is killable with a little skill, but as soon as you add untainted it gets undoable.

Created: 3 years, 6 months ago

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