My Experince with Wolcen after one year break.

Thought id come back to Wolcen because the game is beautiful and was hoping it had improved.
I like changes to the passive points, skill points such as able to change their type of damage, and especially main stats and gearing now that weapon damage functions differently. Makes end game gearing more enjoyable. This is all in the right direction.

Now to some not good experiences.
I feel so alone.. where is the multiplayer?

Yesterday when i was "Downed" twice in two separate maps i couldnt get up by pressing space bar, was forced to time out while smashing my keyboard to find the right button to get up.. i concluded the reason was space bar being assigned to potion 1, instead of dodge roll. I see no reason for why this to be this way but okay... maybe its a bug..
The map after i got stuck on a level above on top of some visuals, think it had something to do with Wings of Ishmir, or warpath as i remember this bug being a real show stopper all over a few years ago, i am surprised this bug is still here to be honest.
So what i did was gearing up a spell caster without any movement skills as a procautioun to not get bugged outside/on top of the maps visuals.

Today i have bugged twice sending me right to main menu in an instant while selling my gear at the red trade thingi right after killing the boss, i sell by holding down shift just for the sake of adding some information.
I also bugged when right clicking on one of those affinites in my inventory while at the red trade globe putting me again instantly in main menu a third time.

I have lost progression six times in a matter of two gaming sessions over the last two days. Its at point where i make more and more decisions on how to play in order not to trigger bugs that completely stops my progression.
Im barley able to play, What can i do?

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Created: 1 year, 4 months ago

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I have encountered the on top/outside of maps visuals in the past but not since a couple of patches ago.

I would highly recommend to completely uninstall the game then re-install. It could have been the update via steam got error somehow.

Created: 1 year, 4 months ago

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