Overall Feedback and Ideas for Wolcen

First of all I would like to say well done on Improving the game. I only started playing the game when i heard that game was less buggy and i am really enoying it Wolcen.
I would like to give out feedback and suggestions on and for the future of the game, some people may or may not agree with all of them.

First of Multiplayer is still pretty diffcult and buggy. My game has crashed twice now playing it i hope you guys do sort this out cuz i really want to play this game with friends :D

Please please add adventure mode into the game for new & current characters. i know you have expeditions in the endgame: Champion Of Stormfall but it would be really nice to have to level new characters or new Chronicles. i think playing story over and over again will really put off players who just want to do new characters and leveling. could even add adventure mode in Stormfall mode....

Gear/character: I love the Gear in the they are so great to look Wearing the armour makes me feel like a Raid boss until i get destroyed by a boss xD...anyway glad you guys went with an outfitter customization. This is just me but i would love to see more character customzation, new faces and hairstyles and maybe even a character customzation in Stormfall to change your looks would be cool.

Story and Lore: I would like to see more lore added to the game and even cant wait to see what the future story is going to have in it.

Aspects: Aspect forms feel a little weak and boring at times to use. Normally i just use them as a escape button just before i die. I do hope you guys improve Aspect forms. either allowing players to switch out the forms. making the forms feel more impactful and less clunky and smooth. hope you add new skills to them as a sort of new leveling system for the game in the future.

Chronicles: I am really enjoying the first chronicle and hope you guys add more and impove as you go along, Hunts are good fun.

Stats: This is probably a small nic pick from me but it would nice to see stats a little more easier to understand and see, i am struggling to get a life steal build working, because i have missed some useful info.

Skills: can't wait to see more skills added in the future.

Weapons: Hope you guys add more weapon types to the game. Maybe something like spears/lances ..... a gunlance, scythes, big
fist weapons, those are just ideas ;)

Primary Attack/Rescource Management:
its probably just me but the willpower and rage at times feel like its annoying to manage and use. I wish Willpower and Rage sometimes just works seperately. Something like rage always generates through combat while Willpower will slowly generate even in combat... Again i dont know kind of fuzzy on the resources, its a interesting but feelings annoying...
However I think if Primary attacks feel more smooth and useful this wouldnt be a problem, its also at times diffcult to hit targets with primary attack at times as well making me feel a bit frustated.
I think a similar thing needs to be done like the aspect forms, is to make the primary attack have slighty more impact and polished out.

And that is pretty much it for now, thank you for spending time reading my feedback and suggestions :)

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