Start Wolcen 2 quickly.

My brother and I have played through Wolcen, he is a game developer, and I am a gamer from as early as the 80's. We both think that you should quickly start Wolcen 2... The arena is crowded and you don't compete with Diablo or POE... Instead play to Wolcen's strengths with it's story, visuals, great world and cinematic and brutal combat.

We think it works better as a story game, not a grinder. Maybe open world, or maybe linear with off shoots. That arena is less crowded, especially with the fact that around the corner, Diablo 2 ressurrected, Diablo 4, and POE 2, and others are looking to release... Wolcen is unique to them in unexpected ways, it is much more visceral in it's combat, and this should be embraced more... Maybe controller support, a block and counter system for melee... Bascially a different kind of game.

I hope to see more in the world of Wolcen.

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Created: 1 year, 8 months ago

Category: Feedback & Suggestions

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