There is harder things than lvl 187?

If don't, please add a continues 3lvl progression, so we can test our char until the limite, because 187 is very easy with the correct build.

-Needs more uniques, almost all uniques are useless.
-Needs more info on skills, how much time they last, damage info and so.
-Needs more game modes on endgame, at the start, it looks amazing how you develop your city, but becomes boring after a while.
-Needs more skills, for warrior at least, there is no viable melee build on endgame, you can try that GOW Whip but it's hard because a lot of things 1 shot your melee char. There isn't enough DPS on melee skills.
-Needs more useful nodes on skill tree, almost every Unique node are all useless or have boring effects.
-It's strange how can you use bow and projectiles skills with DAGGERS, please, those skills must be used with piltols or bows.
-Needs ascendancy or something like that, with unique passive nods on skill tree, because those transformation thing is silly and useless. You can change easily from a warrior to a caster, and this don't makes any sense.

150 hours spent until now, the game is amazing and have a lot of potential, the graphics is amazing and the gameplay is very smooth, this is why I'm posting this.

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Created: 1 year, 11 months ago

Category: Feedback & Suggestions

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