Tokens on Wolcen - A new end game proposal for the new coming city.

We will have a token fate menu with 10 slots - so from thousand tokens we just may pick 10 of them - why thousands ? Tokens just will give ONE random AFFIX with the possibility to come all affixes from the game. These 10 spaces will be locked we need to deliver productivity on the new city to unlock it.

Will be possible to level token from level 1 to level 99. To token earn exp we need to complete specific killing tasks (kill 10 monster from one type, 10 from other etc). Token can be rolled the affix with crafting new reagent. Once it pass level 40 the charm will be locked so you will cannot be able to roll it affix again. If you still want you could to unequip this token and equip a new one under level 40.

The token will drop/reward with one affix only. After each player level a token to level 99 it will be possible to reset this token to level 1 and random 2 affixes will be generated - so it have been upgraded from one to two affixes. And the affixes limit for token it’s 3-4 times. So each time you reset at level 99 it increase one affix, so you can repeat it for 3-4 times for each one from your 10 tokens.

What is token ? One adornament use by the character - sheet leather in the neck, a dead mob skin in the finger, a tooth piece from one monster on the ear etc. It don't need to display on character fashion - you can make just display menu for Tokens of Fate.

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Created: 3 years ago

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