Wings and Awakening idea fully explained

Before I go deep into my idea, first of all it would be nice to Increase max character level to level 100 with same XP scaling because leveling is pretty easy now so u can just add 10 more levels with or without giving us more passive points if you think that 90 passive points from leveling are enough , so level 90 can stay max for that or if devs are already planing to expand passive tree then and give us more options then 10 more points would actually be good to have. Anyway main purpose for levels 90-100 would be AWAKENING (read below)

Ok so lets start with some awakening ideas....

At level 90 players will get option to equip wings which will also unlock new special ability called Awakening!

This 1 simple item can give us hundreds of hours of content if its done correctly and it would look beatiful if its designed nicely, so now I will write all content that Wolcen devs could make just around wings.

After reaching level 90 every player will unlock new gear slot for wings and will be rewarded with common type of the wings without any stats on them. It will be just like reward for reaching level 90 with little story that will teach players the purpose of those wings and awakening power or devs can even make some sideline story mission for it if they want to put more work into it, so lets keep going…

  • Purpose of wings would be to store enemy souls as energy and that energy can be shown in special awakening bar and it will allow player to consume it for few seconds which would increase all damage done by 50% and by leveling up our character from level 90 to 100 this bonus damage would increase 5% per level, so at level 100 this would be 100% damage increase while awakening is active.

  • Energy bar can fill up 10% for each 100 monsters killed while red skulls and bosses could count as 10 so something like that would be pretty well balanced.

  • Players can use it anytime to spend their wings energy and duration will depend on how much energy is stored at any given moment, example bellow:

Example: if awakening is casted while wing energy bar is full it would increase damage for the next 15 seconds, so 10% of wings bar energy = 1,5 seconds of increased damage , bar filled at 20% = 3 seconds and so on until 100% which gives duration of 15 seconds.
(You can play with design here to make cool, fancy and glowing animation with wings and some nice sound effect while awakening is active) Trust me players will love that.

Ok that was about common wings and now lets see how farming for better wings could work:

Make new maps called ,,road to awakening’’ that would unlock after reaching level 90 and in those maps players can keep leveling from 90 to 100 (maybe with better XP compared to other maps) and also we will collect new item called ,,magic feathers’’ by looting bosses. Those maps can be little more difficult , it can be little challenging (so something similar to max level of untainted expeditions with random mods and stronger enemies , or just use those untainted expedition for it)

Ok now this is how players can grind for wings:

Players would need to collect 100 magic feathers that would be stored in our inventory without taking many inventory slots , for example 1 stack can have 100 feathers max.
This feathers can also be tradeable with other players , so the most active players can help others and sell feathers for gold or other items, basically market will decide how much those feathers are worth anyway and hopefully we will have healthy economy without duping (any bug abusing should be taken seriously) we don’t want broken economy again!
Feathers drop rate should be 1 to 3 (so average around 2 per map) from last boss chest in awakening map so players would need to grind for it.

Wings vendor and costs:

After collecting 100 feathers, player can visit wings vendor and buy legendary wings which would have only 1 stat on them at the beginning. For example give players an option to choose 1 out of those stats below, depending what player wants, so the best example is to choose our 1st roll between:

• +45% elemental damage
• +45% material damage
• +45% occult damage
• +28% all damage

Now fun part and grinding begins….

Wings Upgrades and costs for rolls:

After player gets his legendary wings from vendor he can keep grinding for feathers in awakening maps for option to upgrade the wings.
Feathers would be used also as crafting material for wings. After collecting another 100 feathers players can upgrade wings and it would act like crafting material which adds another stat on wings. It would add random roll like the ones that can be rolled on any gear.
After first upgrade there should be some scaling and next upgrade would require 200 feathers for adding 3rd roll on the wings. 300 for the 4th roll , 400 for 5th and 500 for 6th roll.

And some more important crafting options for our wings:

Since all those rolls that we get from upgrades will be random, players will always have option to remove any stat that they want but they need to use 50 feathers for that too but they can choose specific stat which they want to remove instead of being random removal and then grind feathers again for the next upgrade to roll again for potentially better roll for their build (cost of the upgrade will still depend on how many stats wings got at any given moment, so if player had 5 stats and removed 1 then he would need to pay the cost for adding 5th stat again which is 400 feathers, so this kind of crafting will keep players busy until they make their all 6 perfect rolls for wings)


As hardcore ARPG player with thousands of hours spent in those games I can keep going with tons of ideas because I know what most ARPG players want to see ingame , but let me just stop here for now because I think its more than enough for this suggestion if devs are capable of making content like that which can keep us busy for awhile and this is just for 1 single item, but next to content like that we also need more challenging endgame maps , something that is almost impossible to finish where people can test their builds to max potential with all their abilities and skills, one example would be to simply increase expeditions leves to 300 or so with same dmg and hp scaling as we go further and then players would compete and see how far they can go with each build. Something like that can also be part of hardcore leaderboards in seassons later on.

So if I start writing ideas for more endgame content then I feel like I could write a book because we have no real endgame content for now in Wolcen and as hardcore ARPG player I could write suggesstions all day long with all my experience if devs really want to listen and make hardcore game which would be grindy and which would keep players busy for hundreds of hours, not only about new interesting content but we can also have competitions, events and tons of stuff that would make Wolcen one of the best ARPGs on the market since cry engine looks amazing but game will stay as wasted potential if devs don't know how to make hardcore endgame content which is one of the main things to make ARPG game fun and grindy for players and you want to keep players active and occupied with content so thats why I wanted to step in and start sharing some ideas if devs are willing to listen, so lets see how that goes first.

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