Balance Boss´s better please. Some are just to annoying....and more

1st add a ABORT MISSION BUTTON so i dont have to EXIT to game menu all the time....

At Level 72 Ranged with 45k HP and 43K Shield i do not enjoy Missions anymore.

The Endgame is boring and repeative already but some Bosses and Yellows are out of balance and ruin my will to play.

Gettin 1 Shot with almost 90k HP+Shield is disgusting.

Leveling is slow, the Loot in this game 99.99% sucks and theres nothing to do but Leveling and advancing in MAP levels..

The enemies are always the same since endless hours of gameplay and so are the maps....

Recuce the stupid amount of Millions HP Bosses please, I am not interested in 10-15 minutes fights with One ENEmy...

Balance to Bosses to the rest of the MAP instead of surprising players with overpowered Bosses they cant kill....

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Created: 3 years, 6 months ago

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Looting and crafting is not 99% worthless if you take the time...
But i agree about some bosses, some are just so unbalanced!

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Crafting is so unpredictable (even with WolcenDB) and mats so rare and expensive that basically everything is changeable.
(Of course, from the point of view of the person who did not duplicate items and did not fly through the game content using OP BE)

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Getting sick and tired of Champions with both Tough and Invincible then add they summon adds and yes end game is boring and no fun.

Any boss that can summon adds should not be able to roll Tough
Any boss that has an invincible mechanic should not be able to roll Tough

Add to that the Stupid asshat mob with the Shield that covers 360 degrees /boggles also add in the wind buffeting and a couple of adds and then put a dev against a wall for having that stupid idea.

End game is not balanced, actually the whole game isn't balanced too many people have nailed it when they said this is paid for Alpha, as not even a half decent beta has this many issues.

And one final note

Mobs should get weaker the closer they are to death, not stronger.

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i dont even care about the Boss Tags because i cant influence them....

I learned to go full Ailment on my Dual Gun Wielder and use +100 Energy Shield + Life to Shield leech. My stats are now 123k Shield + 23k HP 783 Toughness

Now my Dual Gun Man is a Mage with Gun that Bleeds + Burns anything,,,

Finally at Mission Level 97 the last Rank of Champion...

But honestly as addictive this game is, the more unrewarding and frustrating it is....

I wont ever play Melee or Direct damage in this game anymore .. DoT (Ailmets) is the way to go..

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I'm doing level 169 maps and i can't stand doing more than one expedition per day, for multiple reasons:
- repetitive AF
- not rewarding at all, still trying to replace my 144 level bow with something better...
- have never get any legendary loot on a boss. Going through 50 million HP unstoppable boss to have white, blues and mediocre yellow loot? why is that?
- The only way to get decent gear is crafting and using the black market, big up for my guy Mohabi
- I don't know about the xp curve? i'm 78 and hoping to get to 79 one day, it seams a bit slow for me, but it might be normal in hack'n slash games

don't get me wrong, i enjoyed the game and i think that i got what i payed for, but it's a shame that those weird mechanics are ruining my endgame thing

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Created: 3 years, 5 months ago

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