Crowd Control Immunity Needs to Prevent Knockback and Grapples

I'm a level 75 sword-and-board type challenging level 166 dungeons. The thing that kills me the most isn't monster DPS, it's how they permanently stunlock me with grapples and knockbacks.

Sword-and-board (SnB) needs to brawl their up close, taking and dealing damage in the process. Unlike dodge-builds though, tanky SnB's are forced to absorb all damage that comes to them--including the crowd control that comes with the damage. I get all up in the faces of enemies and then use the channeling version of Anvil's Woe to deal most of my damage. I rely heavily on crowd-control immunity to let me fight in the front, but knockback and grapples severely gimp this playstyle--especially when it comes to Wrath of Saricel minibosses.

The lancer and the giant are especially problematic opponents, especially when multiple Saricel minibosses spawn in at once.

The frequency of grapples and knockbacks in this situation absolutely kills any damage i might be able to deal. Worse still, the lancer keeps spawning shades that you HAVE to quickly destroy otherwise they will a) DPS you down and b) heal the lancer over time.

I wouldn't mind killing the shades, but the lancers will only auto-attack twice before switching to their joust attack--spawning another shade in the process. Again, not a problem for ranged characters but hell of a headache for an SnB that only has about four seconds before the lancer charges up a jouse once again.

This is why I propose modifying 'immunity to crowd control' so that it also blocks knockbacks. It will allow tanky melee classes that rely on channeling skills for damage to stay in the fight. And for boss grapples, I would suggest reducing the frequency by which Saricel bosses grapple/joust. Maybe give the grapple/joust ability a cooldown of fifteen seconds in between uses?

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Created: 2 years, 3 months ago

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