[Oshara Boss Fight] = A summary of crap

Hey devs, another time writing something.

I am well aware that i am playing a squishy build based on dodge chance and low res. i am also well aware of the mechanics of Oshara, at least enough, on what needs to be dodged and what not. therefore i uploaded a clip with:
- firstly taking some hits, showing that i can easily take 1 or 2 hits without dying
- the fight from when the dragon is spawning these fire globes (like ~50% ish life)
- showing how awesome it is, to NOT GET INDICATORS OF TAKING DAMAGE. (the general burning dot does some damage as you see in the beginning of the clip, but the ticks at the end are just GG. this game is so broken. not even showing indicators.)
- oh yeah, and how animation is preventing me from entering apocalypse form. (look into your feedback section, i made a topic to that as well) // (funny that i am entering apocalypse form at the city then when smashing my keyboard doesnt do it in combat)


After playing this crap of a game for started in the beta, played it with release, gave it a second chance now with this patch, i can clearly say - its about time to uninstall. fuck this shit i'm out.

bye bye wolcen, you fucked up really bad.

Edit: (how can you even anticipate someone is enjoying this?)

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Created: 9 months, 2 weeks ago

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It's quite funny, people always want easy game, so when you add some difficulty, they cry ...

I think now the oshara's mechanics are quite known. What you are dying from is not burning, it's just damage from those fire globes that you are not killing.

For the apocalytic form, well, we see nothing in your video, we have no way to know whether it's a bug or just you trying to transform too late, sorry :/ (and i never use this anyway, so i don't know, it's maybe bugged yeah)

Created: 9 months, 2 weeks ago

no, you are missing the point. taking damage comes in with the visual representation "of getting hit". and as you can see, that is not happening.
if i got hit by a visual mistake, thts fine for me, but its not happening. also, taking burn damage is and ailment and is represented as a dot above the willpower. thats also not the case. so no visual indicators at all.

generally speaking, the difficulty could be way harder.but its an obvious bug.

EDIT: that you are not using the apoc form is a sign that its useless. and i agree. but its one of the games main feature, that is offsetting it from other games. but they do not work on it.

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Created: 9 months, 2 weeks ago

The only true "visual representation of being hit" in the game is the red glowing aura around you character. And in your clip, i see hit every time your health drop.
I did not, and do not, say that you are taking burning damage, i know you don't, that's obvious. But from my experience, these rapid lose of life were not happening to me when i was taking the time to kill the fire blop that oshara spawn every now and then, so i assume that after some times, they are the ones hitting you be some means.

And yeah, the apocalyptic form is sad

Created: 9 months, 1 week ago

This game has so much potential, and for what i can tell there is 1 dev who's always on lunch. I want this game to work so badly, but it's just broken.

Created: 4 months, 3 weeks ago

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