Soul Spawn and a tale of disproportional damage

Soul Spawn and a tale of disproportional damage
So, i'm noticing some serious survivability issues against these guys. Wolcen is suffering from the same type of balance issues that Torchlight 2 has, in that some enemies can just shred you.

You're doing fine, full health, blasting through hordes of enemies. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, you are back in town with a message saying 'Quest failed'.

I later realized it's because of those Soul Spawn. They are some of the most frustrating enemies to fight because of their high damage, ridiculous speed, knockback and freeze.
Alone, they're fine, but add them to any group, and it's almost a 90% chance to die.

Anyway, this is just a symptom of a mere dire issue, just the disproportional damage scaling among enemies. I found that only two of my characters were feasible late game, and that's my all resistance high HP tank, and my hit-and-run ranger. I tried a dagger build with light armor, but I found it has incredibly low survivability, especially for having to be in the middle of the fray all the time.

I don't want to see Wolcen go the same path as PoE with stacking HP nodes is mandatory. But even without hp nodes, the only alternative is dodging, and that is also not a really good way to go. I need Ferocity for crit chance and toughness for minimal chance of living. Having to invest into Agility for dodge just undercuts the much more important benefits of the former two stats.

In short, I think a balance check is in order, although I'm sure one is being worked on. But as it stands, I find the build flexibility to be much hampered by pidgeon hole design.
That being said, the cap is currently only lv 20. For all I know, this i just a limitation of the current content.

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Created: 3 years, 10 months ago

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those creatures are being nerfed, if it was me they cant kill you when playin solo but can knock you when playing coop but never 100% damage 100% accuracy

Created: 3 years, 10 months ago

Nurfed they were in solo mode, though they still can be painfull in middle of a big pack, if you don't take care at their spam, and deadfull for weak chars .

Created: 3 years, 10 months ago

so hold on, have they been nerfed yet? Or will they get nerfed?

Also, Obsidienne, you mentioning 'weak chars' brings to my other point, that at the moment anything but All Core Res tanks are really viable for melee. I wanted to make a dagger rogue so badly, cause they're fun to play, but near the end I kept getting one shot. Some deaths are also because the game can't seem to keep up with all my input, sometimes refusing to dodge unless I ram the spacebar 3 times in a row.

Created: 3 years, 10 months ago

I agree with the OP, as I am experiencing same thing. No matter how much resistances or HP you stack, no matter what, eventually you will get one shotted with no chance of reacting. Maybe this is because the current content is limited for lvl 20, I don't know. But this is something worth looking carefully again before release, if there is some tuning that needs to be done, then better do it before release, IMHO.

Created: 3 years, 10 months ago

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