dear DEVS my 2 cent .. positiv and negativ thoughts

so, i ve took my time in wolcen , and here are my 2 cent :

lets first start with the "negative" stuff

it cant be that we goit passive skills, in a skill tree for melee hits, melee weapon hits, and so on, but almost NEVER even dare to use auto hits on any mob.
the normal autohits are not just useless, but also not even doing any DMG compared to the mobs we fight against.
its ok to say we got skills and with skills we should kill mobs, but this just makes melee hits useless.we should be able to do DMG on a boss with melee hits.
we should be able to kill bosses with hits, and skills. so far we only got skills to kill something after all.
1 skill can kill a whole grp of mobs. but 3 melee hits dont even do 10% of dmg to any mob arround.

the DMG we do compared to the DMG from mobs , is way out of line. espacaly for any boss.
iam fine with the fact that we should not kill any boss fast, and should need time to kill it. but to face a boss with 4 milliuon life, and doing only 300 dmg with melee hits, and 4k with crits. is absolutly a nogo. ofc skills DO more dmg and should be used. but aboiut skills we talk later.

tools tips should be more clear. espacaly at the "detailed" char info window.there we can clearly see what concerns the melee stuff.
but we wont see any for the magical stuff.magic stuff is spreatr to wide across the board, into to much elemet, and okult stuff.and into effekts.
yeah frost should freeze enemies. fire should burn. but holy .. stuns them ? shadow debuffs them ? äther, erm doing what ? and the other stuff ?
we cant see what dmg we are actually doing with magic stuff, settings, and passive skills after all. ALL magic stuff should do DMG and not just some , and some others just effekts.

the randome rng of items and there rolls...
we all can agree on the fact that a lvl 10 weapon should do 10 dmg ...but a weapon from lvl 80 should do 80 dmg... not 10 too ...
i mean loot should be at least have some minimum stats based on the chars lvl.why i still find at lvl 80 range loot for lvl 10 , or 20 ?
why 1 hand swords even scale lower with all stats as daggers ? , lower than 2hand weapons ofc...but 1 hand weapons are useless.a dual wield play style is totaly out of buissnes, and noone wont even realy bother with it to test it, because of the weapons we have to use.i thing throwing a stone will do more dmg on mobs in that case.

skills , i know a heavy topic, but my thoughts :
skills should be way more in line to each other.
we got the all kill skill bleeding edge, u thankfully nerfed, but the 10 sec CD was tooooo much for it.
other skills so far are useless too. because of the DMG output.
as higher we go as less dmg a skill does.but this should not be the case. why a skill needs to make 100% dmg on a lvl 10 mob, but only 1% dmg on a lvl 90 mob ? the numbers than are the same. i do 4k dmg on a lvl 10 mob ... and still 4k dmg on a lvl 90 mob.
a lvl 10 mob is 2 sec of work .... a lvl 90 mob is 2 hours ...that cant be.
it also cant be that some skill never get used because they just dont do dmg compared to other skills.nor even provide a propper anything of anything.
the skills need to be more in line to each other in case about dmg and scaling to the player lvls.
if we play the campaign and the story. u can see, all fits to each other.
but as soon we go into the "free" roam mode.. u can see stats skills, all just go nuts and wild.nothing fits anymore together.
it dosent matter if i have 100k health...mobs still do the % of dmg to my HP .. and its still the same. in every lvl.

UI: its laggy like hell, sometimes heal pots wont get used, skills wont get used. because we stuck in some kind of animation.
evading rolls, heal pots, skills wont get used, and after the animation is over we have some seconds where we just stand arround and our chars are not reacting to anything.

Nerfs : as u can , and have seen, nerfs can be the death to any game.epsacaly if they are overreacted and to drasticalky like the bleeding edge nerf.
as i mentioned above nerfing the dmg was totaly needed. but nerfing the or better detroying the skill, with a 10 sec CD. to force us, to million klicks for another bleeding edge rune , was just to much .we basicaly klick more times on the bleeding edge skill, than on the ground to move arround.
400 "key strokes" for bleeding edge in 2 mins is by far to much , to be able to kill grp mobs.thats not healthy for players, or the hardware ( the keyboard )
nerfs should be taken in steps, sometimes bigger ones, sometimes smaller ones.

now we come to the positive stuff :

the passive skill tree : awesome, wonderfull, a reasone to play this game, because u have endless oportunities to skill arround and create builds.
the grafik : sooooo aweseome !!!! it was sooo damn needed after the old crappy grafik shit from D3 ....
this grafik was for me the to go reason to play the game.
the price of the game : for me no doubt to buy it. 30 euro for such a game are more than perfekt.should be a way to go for all game studios.
i guess thats 1 reason why the game got such a hype along with the grafik.even if the game has its troubled "bagage" its by far for me one of the top games in the last 2 years.
the game itself. the setting , the grafik, the passive skill tree all this, along with the atmosphere it creates , the fast pace of gameplay, makes its mroe than just a game for 30 mins to pass time. it makes u wanting more .its great game so far, hopefully it will stay like this, and hopefully we see more from it in the future.

so thats it, thats my 2 cent for now for this game

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To 1) The Dev s working that we can use the Auto-Hit Button "Left Mouse Button" with Skills.

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