End of Campaign is terrible

First of all, I love this game. This is not some troll. I just am so glad to have a new ARPG come out that's fun, has depth, and (other than server issues) is generally very well done that I simply must comment on the campaign's ending.


Ok, so let's recap. It's the last scene of the game. Gernese is trying to close the portal. Ahriman is splitting and looks to be possessing Heimlock and Valeria. You declare "there's no giving up on family" and valiantly run in front of the red energy coming from the portal and try to cast some shield which Ahriman breaks through and appears to possess you. You scream. Next we cut to an ominous scene of Ahriman himself who then says "be at peace for we are the fury!" (because, you know, him being the fury is so peaceful)



Umm.... WHAT?!?!

So you are basically a total failure. You have not saved Valeria or Heimlock. You have not saved the world from Ahriman. Matter of fact near as I can tell you now ARE Ahriman. Let the pacification begin! Yay! All this effort and heroism was a total waste of time!

This is quite possibly the worst ending in the history of video game endings.

And now as a COMPLETE NON-SEQUITUR... You are now mayor of Stormfall!

Again... WHAT?!?!

Uh, what happened to Ahriman, Valeria, Heimlock and Gernese?

The only thing that makes any sort of sense to me about all of this is that there was supposed to be a chapter 4, and maybe even 5, but you ran out of time/money/goodwill to get it finished, and so we got... this. Anyway, I realize there's no fixing it. YOu can't just go re-do an ending cut scene. I just felt like I needed to share my feedback somewhere. Just to be clear. This ending sucks... bad.

I'm done. Love the rest of the game!

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Had the same thoughts about the ending... All this fighting to be posessed? Like you said either there is another sequel to come and there they will adress the problem with how you get rid with the posession or whatever but ending the story like this is really sloppy and crap work. Hope they read this and understand what they have done wrong or at least give an explanation.

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Well, "Hero of Stromfall" starts "6 Months later", and the ending is just one big cliffhanger. They will probably add Story DLC that plays out in these 6 months? Maybe? Alternatively, Hero of Stormfall could be just non-canonical gameplay stuffs. We shall see i guess.

Would be cool if we get to play a possessed bad guy/gal for a while. :)

I don't wanna white night the devs, but keep in mind they are a small indie studio, which gives them some slack in my book. Not an endless amount, mind you, but some.

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Me think the first 3 Acts are just a whole appetizer for what can be an will come up.

Developers say something like, weekly Updates, 3 Monthly Content Updates and 6 Monthly Story Updates. If they can hold this timeline it would be very great. Maybe the gift us sometime littlebit of new Content in a weekly Update. Also, maybe if its in a Beta Phase it would be a Pleasure to try New Content and give togheter as Community respond to the WolcenGame Studios about it. This should be the best way, really working with the Community.
The can call it Monthly Test - Content - just for trying - if its worth - what they can do better about it.
Best Way working hand in hand with the Community itself.

Created: 2 years, 7 months ago

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