Feels Like Being Punished for Getting Lucky! :(

Expeditions can be really frustrating when there are long corridors with not enough mobs to complete the progress bar and unlock the Boss. If I get lucky enough to choose the shortest path to the boss area on my first try while exploring but don't fill the bar, I have to run back down a LONG EMPTY corridor in order to fill the bar, then run ALL THE WAY BACK down the same long empty corridor to finish the level.

I can see two easy resolutions to this problem (either/or):

1 - Higher Mob density on the path towards the boss, keeping long corridors on the map but enabling more progress on the bar in that area

2 - Making the end area where the boss exists on the map have multiple corridors connecting to it always: this would mean that if I go down the shortest path to the boss but dont fill the bar, I simply go the OTHER direction away from the boss and run immediately into enemies rather than run backwards down an empty hallway in order to find them (essentially making the maps more "circular" rather than linear)

As it exists now it feels bad and punishing to get "lucky" and find the boss area while exploring the map.

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Created: 2 years, 8 months ago

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