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I been viewing Wolcen playerbase weekly ever since it came out and as of today they are at low peak hours 4k and high peak hours 11k before it used to be 15k low peak and 35k high peak. Happens when you make a 40$ game feel like a free to play game and you just lose majority of your players within a month of release. SO many bugs and exploits that players abused and people who didnt know about it cant do end game at all and people who did know about it can do end game in wolcen like nothing. The hack and slash didnt feel like a hack and slash from most players point of views considering you had rarely any enemies when traveling the maps in expedition. The gameplay is majority based off of Ailments which makes it pretty boring in a lot of ways and the cant go different builds because all the broken builds require ailments. The Unique/convert to legendary at the start of release of the game ruined the game from most people when you patched it. Some people didnt even know that when you converted the unique into a legendary it keeps the properties of the unique and stacks an additional 6 properties onto it which ruined the game and also made players overpowered. Even though you fixed it the people who did it still have their op unique legendary with 12+ stats. Those who didnt know about it will have legendaries with 6 stats and unique with their own stats. You plan to implement it later on but as of right now the game is dying very fast every day because of the single builds,damage, and little to none enemies. Those who are reading this later on the player base probably will be lower. The player base only jumps on patchs but afterwards it drops back down because they are patching bugs more often then the gameplay itself. This is how i feel about the game and joining public is insanely impossible took me 10mins to get with someone.

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Patch notes:
It is now impossible to put a Unique item into the Transmutation Forge or Dark Market item upgrade projects. Unique items that have been transformed this way prior to the update have been reset. If you already had a pending project with a Unique item in it, you will receive a legendary item but it will be updated after you reconnect in the game.

Those unique -> legendaries should be gone (in theory), but otherwise I totally agree. If the next patch won't boost bow and staff damage, rebalance mob damage and HP (which should fix block and all resists stacking and Dire Juncture being absolutely MANDATORY), boost useless skills, nerf the hell out of ailment stacking, take away the MOI on hit from the Trial belt and things like these that totally ruin the game then I'm out. Crafting needs a huge overhaul as well as it too damn random.

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"Crafting needs a huge overhaul as well as it too damn random."


I accumulated a bunch of legendary materials and then wasted all of them trying to get the stats I wanted on a staff. This was a huge letdown and I felt like I wasted 100 hours of material farming.

Think I'm gonna spend more time playing to farm more materials to do that again? Nope.

....and drop-in drop-out matchmaking! This needs to be fixed immediately! Without that, the game is going to die. (I think it might already be too late to be honest)

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Patch - over 50k will take a look cause it seems to be a bigger Update.
If Wolcen gets - First Season, with new Act and Content features, we will have 100k players at least.
Every Country another time, so i think at the Moment we have arround 50.000 daily Players minimum.
Also in arround 3-4 weeks the new poe Season will get bored and then many Players will have a new look. what is going on with Wolcen, aight?

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atm, there is a max online of 15K

Today from Steam;
current peak
10,304 11,321 Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Have seen the current during US prime time as low as 5K

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üBlock blocks this annoying banner down there..

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