Has there been any official reason given for this decision?

I'd love to hear if anyone knows if there was an official reason or logic given for WHY we aren't allowed to go back and sell items during expeditions.

It seems like a nonsensical decision and I've wracked my brain trying to figure out why it was made as a design choice. While it does limit the amount of gold you can make from one mission, and expeditions seem to be geared towards earning levels more than money, it makes the experience extremely frustrating and un-fun. Having to throw out perfectly good items to make space for gems or mats, walking past large numbers of yellow rarity items, and/or walking back and forth to sell those items once you reach the end of the level and clear the boss all feel horrible in a game with this level of grind. There are better ways to limit gold gain if thats the route they want to take that don't ruin the experience.

I just can't wrap my head around the decision to make this design choice, and it seems like the number one thing that could easily be fixed and would improve the level of enjoyment that the game delivers. Are they sticking to it simply because they made the choice and don't want to back out? Is there some reason I'm not thinking about that makes it make more sense?

(There's no benefit when dealing with skills cooldowns, I guess MAYBE you could level skills during the event, or change gems or weapons, but that doesn't seem like it would have almost any effect on the actual clearing of the dungeon. There's no place to unfairly heal, or gain some other shield, buff, or advantage. It feels like a decision solely made to punish players who would like to pick up and sell all the gear dropped in the levels, and if you want to grind for an hour per expedition you can still do that by walking back and forth to sell it all!)

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I agree. If that part of "Grind" is on purpose (for unknown reasons) ... its needs to be made more comfortable.

Since all players characters seem to state that they are no "donkey" or "packhorse" LUL... I hope for some kind of QoL "Pet" for expeditions. Or Trader summons, or more Trade obelisks/shrines smt like that.

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I agree with the thread suggestions! Please Devs, place more "Trade Shrines" (not just to the end of the level) OR decrease the amount of yellow find! Sometimes it is way too many - two (or more) full inventory with yellow items/level. I think 1 inventory full with yellow items would be perfectly enough - because my eyes go out in checking that many items/level.
And about the expedition pet 7A3 user mentioned: I'd like to have one of those little collared sviirs which wouldn't fight but could carry 10-20 (30-40) items! During battles they would burrow under the ground, and after it they would come out - and if because some bug they wouldn't come out they could have to be summoned! Ty! :)

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