Suggestions for Quests + Map reveal + more

(Offline context)
Quests journal/archives in character bar to add and follow non linear quests progression during the game (optional assignments).

Press O for Options display ? Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS always).

Could the map reveal itself as the character walks (light radius as we move forward)?
Sometimes it does in the game, sometimes it doesn't...Dont know if bug issues...

Olivia WILDE as a female face model ? OK...
But ask the community for other (female/male) face models...
(YOUNG Salma HAYEK, Izabella SCORUPCO, Jada PINKETT Smith, Jennifer GARDNER, Thandie NEWTON, Michelle RODRIGUEZ, Zazie BEETZ, Young Claudia CARDINALE olala !!! etc...)
Ethnic beauty is fine as long as it's feminine when it has to be !!!

Not a big boobs fan. Not playing old outdated Tomb Raider here.
Nudity acceptable (why underwares in a fantasy world ? ;-)

Your game is visually impressive (Environments, Armors and so on, are superb),
It's fast, dynamic and quicker to grab than Path Of Exile. Very flexible. You clever guys ;-)

Put a search engine in your FEEDBACK forums to help players to know what is already post or going on...

Do you think hack'n'slash should offer swimming, flying, diving, climbing capabilities for those characters ?
To re-invent hack N slash without ruining it ? INNOVATION ;-)

I wish you the best to improve YOUR game, to extend your team. KEEP GOING. INNOVATE.

Bravo l'équipe !

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Created: 2 years, 7 months ago

Category: Feedback & Suggestions

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