Thoughts on the environments

As I have played through the game there are several things that have crossed my mind that I wanted to suggest.

Breakable Objects / Interactive Items That Reveal Hidden Areas
I have always loved being able to break items in games especially when the is a chance for a reward, however I believe there is an opportunity that is being missed here. It would be so awesome to break a pile of stones in an outside environment and find that they cover an opening to an underground side area, or break a pile of stones in a cave that reveal a secret passage or a hidden room containing a rare unique item. This could really add a whole other dimension to the environments as well as the breakables.

Side Areas
From time to time I run across a side area without the teleport stone at the end... instead there is a glowing entrance similar to the side area entrances. These always look as though there should be something more, but they are just an exit.

It would be really great if, on occasion, the side areas had multiple levels and better still... if sometimes you exited in a different location from where you entered. For instance you exit into a different part of the zone or a different zone entirely. Maybe one of the occasional glowing doorways at the end of a side area actually opens into a hidden thieves den, or the layer of a Sorcerer or Necromancer who gives you a unique quest with a special reward specific to your build... if he doesn't decide to try to kill you just for interrupting him.

Currently all expeditions progress through three distinctly different zones. For me this takes away from the immersion a bit and begins to feel somewhat disjointed. I would love to see you explore making the expeditions multiple levels of similar zones or believable transitions between different zones. Some examples might be...

  • You start in the audience chamber (or at the gates) of a fortress zone and work your way through the fortress and up onto the ramparts, or down into the crypt/catacombs/caves below. Or vice versa.

  • Maybe you begin in a lush forest zone that leads to a subterranean labyrinth that exits into a sandy desert. Or you could start out in a corrupted forest and find your way into a dark cavern that exits into an uncorrupted forest.

These were some things that kept rolling around in my head while I was playing and I thought I would let them out. It would be great if you found something here that you like.

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